LinuxBots is a blog that shares important and useful articles ( Mostly related to Linux/Unix OS). We try to create articles on the current problems of OpenSource Technologies.

LinuxBots was started on 25th December 2019. All the tutorials and howto available on the LinuxBots are written by Highly technical persons. Most of the tutorials and howto’s are first tested by us before publishing.

On LinuxBots you will find articles and tutorials about various Softwares and Servers technologies. These are some of the technologies on which we create tutorials and Howtos :

  1. Linux/Unix
  2. Networking
  3. Linux Server Administration
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  6. Firewalls and Securities
  7. Linux Desktop
  8. Topics for System Admin

Most of our articles are contains Screenshots or Videos which are easily understandable to anyone.

We try to create the article as simple as possible. Because Saving Your Time is our First Priority.

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